Luckydecoder – presentation of ultimate double bit opening tool – grimaldello automatico – capolavoro di ingieneria micro mechanica realizato da Luckylocks Bulgaria. 

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See the introduction video with our new invention called Luckydecoder and builded for emergency unlock and decode of ultimate double bit italian locks 

Video dell nuovo Luckydecoder inventato e realizato per aperture di emergenza di serrature a doppia mappa dotate di sistemi antideco.

We offer you our 25 years experience refined in unique PATENTED tools for emergency unlocking of homes, safes, offices and cars!

TURBODECODER – the original

Turbodecoder official patent USA

Patent Registration number d815930-s 

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Turbodecoder All Models User manual

Double bit lock decoder DM version by Lucky Locks.

Power locksmith tools / force / destructive opening solutions

Ecodecoder – low cost car decoders – made for fast and easy automobile locksmith service

Double bit lock decoders Classic version – the original tools known as Grimaldello Bulgaro.

Advanced pump lock decoders and pick tools made by Luckylocks to open Mottura and Potent locks models

Remote control simulators / code crabbers – is used to simulate radio frequencies in car, garage doors and barriers.

Gerda Tytan pick and decoding locksmith system by LuckyLocks

Luckylocks – locksmith tool service center, instrument maintenance, after sale service for all decoders models.

Key learning devices and emergency engine start OBD modules

LuckyDecoder – advanced locksmith solutions coming soon! Official PRESENTATION will be on ERSI 2018 event – Bologna – Italia. Visit our stand to discover the ultimate locksmith decoders for Doppia Mappa locks!

Preordini in corso, per prenotare il tuo grimaldello automatico Luckydecoder contatta ci via e mail



If you use those instruments and electronic modules for any illegal purposes – this is your own responsibility!
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Our company LUCKYLOCKS AD apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the misuse of various companies representing ORIGINAL tool manufacturers and maliciously using the visual or phonetic similarity of their products for easy and fast resale. An example of obvious abuse can be found on a competing web site, where, along with an attractive “low” price, you will see a remarkable visual resemblance to a product called the “prodecoder” with the original made by us in 2011. Also company from Lebanon –, which sells decoders product with our trade mark Turbodecoder®  from China?!?. We hope to offer you quality lock tools made and tested in our factory as well as impeccable service to help you make the right choice.
In our trading platform you will find original tools of long-lasting and thorough engineering development at a real market price. The materials used on our devices are also the result of a special selection and the technical control of the final product is done personally by the inventor!
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Turbodecoders – advanced unlocking tools to mechanically open and decode 80% of the brand cars: Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Citroen Peugeot Opel, Fiat Alfa-Romeo, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Porsche, KIA, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, Lamborghini, Range Roger, Volvo, Land Rover, Iveco, Lancia, GM and others..
Professional tools for unlocking and decoding Double bit lever locks – over 45 models among which: Atra, Mottura, Cisa, Securemme, CR, Metem, Classes, Mauer Dekaba and many others.
Unlock decoders for manipulation of pump locks as Mottura, CR, Potent, Iseo,
Special devices for code extract and key buildwork for high-security level of locking systems as Abloy Protec and Abloy Novel
We also bring to your attention the electronic devices for key learning of the automotive sector, various types of remote control devices for open garage doors and cars.
With our tools we give you full video instructions and user guide manuals where we will explain various procedoders to help you with their use!
We offer also full training courses connected with all our Locksmith unlocking products and solutions.

We sell all our own made products directly to USA, Europe / Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania, Greece / and across the world / Russia, South America, Australia…/ For any questions about the purchaise and delivery please contact our Turbodecoder Team directly by e – mail.



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