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Lucky locks ® AD  – Company established in 2009. The main purpose of the company is to develop innovative tools for emergency unlocking, locksmith services, locking systems, for vehicles and homes.

As a result we started our professional journey with the so-called “doppia mappa grimaldello” kit for unlocking the Italian models of mortise locks also known as Grimaldello Bulgaro.

Our ULTIMATE product, that completely changed the level of automotive and domestic locksmith services not only in Bulgaria but also abroad, is subject to patent and trademark protection.

Consequently we have developed and created unique tools for non-destructive opening of high-security locks` brands such as Abloy Protec and Gerda Tytan.

We did not stop here. Furthermore we pushed our business ahead – we transferred much of our resource into developing and creating automatic tools for quick unlocking of auto locks such as Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel, as well as tools as Luckydecoder.


There is hardly a locksmith in the world without any knowledge of this invention!

Turbo decoder – this tool carried out opening in seconds and decodes 80 percent of the currently produced cars.

Every professional locksmith visits daily an address to unlock a car whose keys are lost or forgotten inside the vehicle. We offer the proper solution – Turbo Decoder – ultimate professional, fast, efficient, damage-free decoding solution. After completing the procedure, there is a possibility of decoding and making a mechanical key.



Vladimir Kirev – electronics / technician / instructor /Luckylocks  co-owner, E-mail: [email protected] , phone: +359 887360448

Vasil Petrov – priduction manager / CNC operator / Luckylocks co-owner

Ceco Madjarov – Luckylocks CNC operator

Ilian Ivanov – Luckylocks CNC operator

Ivan Ivanov – Luckylocks CNC operator

 Daniel Atanasov PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH TOOLS inventor, Lucky locks company manager, locksmith instruments manufacturing. E-mail: [email protected] , phone: +359 897865359


Daniel Atanasov Aloa member card Membership ID: 40985

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