Luckylocks Double Bit Lock DM Decoders

Double bit Italian locks / primary or secondary / for simple wooden  or armored doors with multi point locking deadbolts opened by Luckylocks DM decoder

Gevy DM decoder

Locks double bit models Made in Russia, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria and other countries

Some double bit locks for normal and wall mounted safes and safe boxes.

Luckylocks UK -locksmith solutions

Descriptions of Luckylocks DM decoder models – Grimaldelli per doppia mappa serrature



Automatic self impressioning tools for fast and easy opening and decoding DOUBLE BIT locks that are made in different countries.

These decoders are on sale as single sets. Each set contains :

Universal DM decoder handle  in which you can insert any DM decoder head, tighten it and do the manipulation.

Individual decoder head loaded with pins, spacers and traction bolts for different locks or for group of locks with the same internal dimensions.

Alien keys for tuning the pin traction / 2 sizes when necessary/.

Box with 6 spare pins to change in case of bending or damages. NOTE – the spare pins are of different sizes and you CAN’T exchange them in case you have different tools.

Transport plastic box with soft foam inlay to carry and protect your DM Decoder form accidental damages.

Every INTELLINEGT decoding head has an individual serial number and a description of the lock model it is designed for.

In our commercial web site we provide general video instructions on how to use Luckylocks DM Decoders. Please watch these videos carefully and remember  – the tools are not FORCE DEVICES – any unusual or abnormal force used during the procedure is risky for the integrity and functionality of your decoder! The technique is important in order to complete the procedure. Any locksmith with little practical experience and some knowledge of the double bit lock construction can use the decoders with great success.

Luckylocks - Luckydecoder italia

Luckylocks DM grimaldello bulgaro per aprire serrature doppia mappa – chiavistello intelligente

Strumenti automatici di auto-impronta per un’apertura e una decodifica facili e veloci delle serrature a DOPPIA MAPPA prodotte in diversi paesi.

Quei decoder sono in vendita come set singoli. Ogni set contiene:

Impugnatura universale dove è possibile inserire qualsiasi testina di decodifica DM, serrarla e manipolarla

Testina di decodifica individuale caricata con perni, distanziali e bulloni di trazione per serrature diverse o per gruppo di serrature con le stesse dimensioni interne:

Chiavi aliene per la regolazione della trazione dei pin / 2 dimensioni quando necessario /

Scatola con 6 perni di ricambio da sostituire in caso di piegature o danni.

Scatola di plastica con inserto in schiuma morbida per trasportare e proteggere il decodificatore DM dai danni accidentali.

Ogni testa di decodifica INTELLINEGT ha un numero seriale individuale e una descrizione del modello di serratura per cui è stato realizzato.

Nel nostro sito web commerciale forniamo istruzioni video generali su come utilizzare i decodificatori DM di Lickylocks, per favore guardate quei video con attenzione e ricordate – che gli strumenti non sono atrezzi di forza – qualsiasi forza anomala inusuale usata durante la procedura è rischiosa per l’integrità e la funzionalità del vostro deoder ! La tecnica è importante per completare la procedura. Qualsiasi fabbro con una esperienza pratica e qualche conoshenza riguardo alla cistruzione della doppia serratura può utilizzare i decodificatori thode con grande sucesso.

ATRA – DIERRE – MIA Luckylocks DM decoder

Loaded with map key dimension for Atra NON LOCKTRAP locks.

  • In the set you will receive:
    transport box
    2 hex keys for regulation of the pin traction plus bolt for external pin adjustment
    graphite stick for lubrication
    6 spare pins

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Atra Dierre non ” LOCK TRAP ” model. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!

The same Luckydecoder DM Atra can be used for emergency safe opening when the safe is equipped with Atra Dierre lock. See how it works. 

Luckylocks DM grimaldello BulgaroLuckylocks DM decoder for CISA CAMBIO FACILE LOCK MODELS as well as external mounted big map Cisa locks.

The set is equipped with 2 decoder sticks to open locks with orientation in the both sides. The lock has 3 + 3 code plate configuration.

In this set you will receive:

Universal handle where you can mount all DM decoding heads if you have them already.

Transport box with foam inlay to protect your tool from accidental damages.

6 spare pins to change them when necessary.

Special keys to adjust back or front pin traction.

Attention – we recommend watching the instruction video! – Important details inside!

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Cisa Cambio Facile model. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!

Video How to use the same model DM Decoder for Cisa External mounted double bit locks

 Cisa 4+4 lock plates 2 /4 turn Luckylocks DM Decoder

The set is equipped with 1 decoder head to open locks in the both sides of orientation. The lock has 4 + 4 code plate configuration.


Cisa 3+3 lock configuration decoder. It can open locks with 2 or 4 turns as well as some Cisa SAFE BOX locks. The tool is well applicable also on CISA External mounted locks and Gevy 2 or 4 door turns and Greek safe locks.

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Cisa small safe box lock. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Gevy glass door lock model. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!


CR and CR VARIO Double bit Luckylocks DM DECODER – the decoding head is loaded with 12 pins to operate with the both sides of lock orientation. Usually these locks are in use for ARMORED doors with MULTI Point locking deviator system!

Luckylocks DM CR 6 lever lock decoder

CR 6 secondary locks DM Decoder. Special locksmith instrument PLUG and PLAY. Fast and easy openings when no original keys are present. Decoding – the operator can reproduce / cut / a working mechanical key once he has read the code depths from our DM Decoder.

CR 6 lever lock decoder

Ключарски инструмент за аварийно отключване на брава Декаба Мауер. Бравата е с осем кодови пластини разположени в поредност 4 пластини – език – 4 пластини. Ключът е с асиметрична перка и всеки ход има свой самостоятелен код. Инструментът, който произвеждаме и предлагаме, може да отвори и декодира всички известни комбинации на въпросната брава. След декодиране е възможно да се изработи и механичен ключ без да се налага демонтаж и разглобяване на бравата.

Dekaba Mauer double bit unlocking device DM system by Luckylocks


EZCURRA AND FIAM F40  NON ANTIPICK double bit decoder made by Luckylocks AD – Bulgaria – few second opening…. what more? No other tool can do that so easy ad so fast. Even the lock have rotary keyway and access to the individual code plates is very hard..

See how to use our DM decoder for fast and esay opening of Ezcurra lock model non anti pick. Use the tool carefully – no need to force it hard!


FAC Spanish safe locks  can be manipulated with Lickylocks DM FAC decoder! No wires , no 2in1 pick tools… just insert our decoder and the lock will be opened in less than a minute! In addition – the operator can decode the lock with no necessity of disassembling.

FAC safe lock opening with DM Luckylocks Decoder. This is not a power device so please learn to use it gently!

GEVY small map glass door security double bit lock can be opened and decoded with Luckylocks DM Gevy locksmith tool. The SAME tool can be used for opening some GEVY SAFE BOXES and CISA small map 3×3 locks 2 or 4 turns mounted on doors or used in some wall safes!

Very popular double bit security locks for glass door use. These locks have 3+3 plate configuration, mounted in hard plate case for application on glass locks. The forced opening is dangerous for the glass and can be very expensive in case of failure!

With our Luckylocks DM decoder the opening is fast and non risky!

The same decoder can be used on CISA small map locks 3+3 plates!

Luckylocks DM Iseo pdoppia mappa 3 + 3 gorges grimaldello bulgaro Iseo 3+3 pick tool for locksmiths – unlock and decode fast and easy! 

Kale lock pick tool DM - Luckylocks Please note that the time needed for the opening may vary due to the lock modification. The newest double bit locks by KALE have anti pick or anti manipulation modifications. Our lock decoder can open them anyway.

Once the lock is opened the locksmith can create a mechanical working key by copying the code impressed on our decoder.

MCM locks decoder double bit models MCM Spanish double bit advanced pick and decoder locksmith instrument, model DM Luckylocks. The tool is manufactured in Bulgaria – Sofia.


Mottura Nucleo Compact Luckylocks DM  INTELLIGENTE decoder for opening and decoding the 2-turn interchangeable core. This lock is equipped with anti-pick false gates on its code plates! The same lock can be also used in some WALL MOUNTED SAFES!

Attention! This is not a power tool! The self impressioning procedure doesn’t need brute force. Use this instrument gently for best results!

Once the lock is opened, the decoding is very precise and the key reproduction is quite good.

See how the tool opens Mottura Nucleo Compact locks. The locks have anti pick gates on the plates. In some cases the procedure requires more time. Do not force the tool – this doesn’t help!

 Mottura 3 + 3 small maps 2 or 4 turns double bit decoder. This lock is without any anti-pick systems and the opening is pretty easy.

 Mottura and Kale double bit locks with 3×3 or 4×4 code plate order. The decoding head is loaded with 4×4 configuration! Please before using this tool count the code plates, in case they are 3×3 push down the first and the last pin to avoid tool damage! This visual inspection can be made by looking at the side up to the dead bolts – there the code plates are easy to observe.

 Mottura 6×6 code plates Luckylocks DM decoder. Of the same lock dimensions are: SECUREMME 6X6, AUNO 6X6 TESIO 6X6 ANTONIOLI 6X6 CIFIAL EXTERNAL LOCKS and some RUSSIAN lock models!

 Potent 7×7 Luckylocks DM decoder. This lock is with 7 code plates. Normal picks as 2 in 1 are not a good solutions for this lock model. The procedure takes a lot of time and because the lock has 4 turns, the locksmith must unlock it 4 times to complete the opening. With our DM Potent the opening is easy and the lock can be decoded in the end.

 Potent 3×3 small bilateral locks. Watch the video for further particulars.

Chiave Inteligente Luckylcks DM per aprire molto veloce e facile serrature Potent per serrande. Le serrature hanno pacco gorges 3+3. La apertura con atrezzi convenzionali di queste serrature e molto dificile. Abbiamo creato un atrezzo inteligente che e in grado di ofrire una apertura in breve tempo. Per vedere piu detagli sull argomento guardare il video.

Inteligence key for open Prefer locks Prefer double bit locks pick and decoder.

 SAB 6×6 Luckylocks DM decoder intelligente for big map locks by the brand SAB used on armored doors. The lock plate order is 6×6. No anti-pick system is engaged in these models. Opening – fast and smooth. Decoding – yes.

 China double bit locks with 6 code plates. Our tool is made to open these crappy locks of poor quality. Thanks to their quality they cause a lot of problems and even their own key can’t open them. Use Luckylocks DM China 6 to resolve the lockouts!

 China 7 plates lock – use Luckylocks DM China 7 decoder to open these low quality locks.

Special self impressioning locksmith tool for unlocking and decoding Securemme 6+6 Italian double bit locks. Easy to use and to make working key after the opening!

Securemme pick, SAB decoder DM locksmit tool for fast unlocking  DM Luckylocks – We present to you an advanced tool for intelligent unlocking one of the most popular double bit locks on the territories of Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece  

These locks contain 6 levers divided by lock bolts. They may be 2 or 4 turns. With our locksmith instrument the opening is fast and easy. Decoding procedure is also available for recreation of a working mechanical key without disassembling the lock.

Securemme, Sab, Akarsan and a few Russian locks are made with the same key dimensions so this tool can be used!