hugh security safes unlocking , code bypass, opening by luckylocks

modern safes also go crazy... forget their codes...lost conection with the lock... or simply need to be opened when no code is present... Luckylocks offer a solution. Easy, fast, no programming skills. Simply unlock!


list of the locks opened by Luckylocks

soon to come

la gard basic swing / dead bolt safe Unlock electronic digital locks

Lock models opened:

4200 Swing Bolt

3740M Dead Bolt

3734 Spring Bolt

la gard audit swing / dead bolt safe open electronic digital locks

Locks models opened

3740M Dead Bolt

4300m Swing Bolt

6040m Dead Bot

6034 Spring Bolt

by pass La Gard pro - swing / dead bolt ComboGard 39e digital locks

Locks models opened:

4300M Swing Bolt

6040M Dead Bolt

6034 Spring Bolt

open kaba sl 525 electronic lock

kaba sl 525 opened

High security safe electronic lock. Worst scenario – interupton of the connection between key pad and lock… we solve that

key pad samples


audit key pad

pro version key pad

Modern safes are equipped with sophisticated electro mechanical locks or known as digital locks . The unlock come with a correct digits are inserted on the key pad, then the lock recognise it and can be unlocked. Usualy the code contain 4 to 9 digints and up to 9 users woth their own codes can unlock them.

Various of other functions are offered by the manufacturer:

Time delay

dual code

manager options to activate / delete user coders

remote disable lock opening

silent alarm

event record / aduit vesions only..

low battery signal, wrong try penality, led and beeper function indicators.



...soon the answer by luckylocks...

F39 double bit Lucky Decoder
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