hugh security safes unlocking , code bypass, opening by luckylocks - e-lock shock

see e lock shock demo video

modern safes also go crazy... forget their codes...lost conection with the lock... or simply need to be opened when no code is present... Luckylocks offer a solution. Easy, fast, no programming skills. Simply unlock!

list of the locks opened by Luckylocks

la gard basic swing / dead bolt safe Unlock electronic digital locks

Lock models opened:

4200 Swing Bolt

3740M Dead Bolt

3734 Spring Bolt

la gard audit swing / dead bolt safe open electronic digital locks

Locks models opened

3740M Dead Bolt

4300m Swing Bolt

6040m Dead Bot

6034 Spring Bolt

by pass La Gard pro - swing / dead bolt ComboGard 39e digital locks

Locks models opened:

4300M Swing Bolt

6040M Dead Bolt

6034 Spring Bolt

open kaba sl 525 electronic lock

kaba sl 525 opened

High security safe electronic lock. Worst scenario – interupton of the connection between key pad and lock… we solve that

wittkopp swing bolt lock primor 1000 model opened


VdS class EN 1300 / B

“The swing bolt is moved by operating the boltwork. Therefore, no additional opening/closing manually required”


VdS class EN 1300 / B

M-LOCKS EM2010DX EM3510DX Electronically controlled safe locks opened

Models: EM2010 DX Rotobolt lock, EM3510 DX Straightbolt lock

M-LOCKS EM2020 Rotobolt electronic lock tested

VdS class EN 1300 / B

M-LOCKS EM2050 Rotobolt electronic lock with multilevel software

VdS class EN 1300 / B

M-LOCKS EM3010DX Electronically controlled motor locks

Models EM2510DX, EM3010DX

M-LOCKS EM2520 EM3020 EM3050 Motor locks opening tested

EM2520 Motor lock EM3050 with basic software
EM3020 Motor lock with basic software, ‘Push To Close’EM3050 Motor lock with multi level software

M-LOCKS EM3520 Straightbolt electronic lock

EM3520 S Straightbolt lock with bolt switch with external cable

VdS class EN 1300 / B

EM3550 Straightbolt electronic lock

EM3550 S Straightbolt lock with bolt switch and external cable.

VdS class EN 1300 / B


Tecnosicurezza MODELS EM2020

Tecnosicurezza MODELS EM3520

Tecnosicurezza mODELS EM3520S

Tecnosicurezza MODELS EM6050

tecnosicurezza MODEL UR4020


key pad samples

audit key pad

pro version key pad


wittkopp-keypad SAMPLE

tecnosicurezza KEY PAD T6530

tecnosicurezza KEY-PAD SAMPLE

Modern safes are equipped with sophisticated electro mechanical locks or known as digital locks . The unlock come with a correct digits are inserted on the key pad, then the lock recognise it and can be unlocked. Usualy the code contain 4 to 9 digints and up to 9 users woth their own codes can unlock them.

Various of other functions are offered by the manufacturer:

Time delay

dual code

manager options to activate / delete user coders

remote disable lock opening

silent alarm

event record / aduit vesions only..

low battery signal, wrong try penality, led and beeper function indicators.



List of the locks tested with E Lock Shock:



Sargent & Greenleaf



Titan PivotBolt
Spartan PivotBolt
Titan D-Drive
Spartan D-Drive
Basic/Basic Plus- through 2019
LGBasic II- through 2019
ComboGard 33E
SafeGard 3650
3801, 3802, 4200, 3040, 3260, 3765, 3740
 – Axessor IP
 – Axessor USB
 – 525
 – 528
 – Rotobolt (swingbolt)
 – EM-2020
 – EM-2050
 – EM-3520
 – EM-3550
 – EM-2520
 – EM-2530
 – EM-3050


 – Pulse
 – Pulse pro
 – Digi Tech
 – Mini Tech
 – Tech Master
E-Lock Shock demo

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