The upcoming international Turbodecoder events

Keyprint Open House event

10-11 september 2018 with lector – Luckylocks!

Classes for use Gerda Titan locksmith decoders and TURBODECODER® Ultimate vehicle open / decoding locksmith tools

Ivaylov & Atanasov by Luckylocks Bulgaria will present the last generations of locksmith tools in Italia 2018

Benvenuti all nostro stand per scoprire le ultime novita per aperture di serrature. Presentati da Ivaylov & Atanasov – Luckylocks Bulgaria

Turbodecoder Australia tour

Luckylocks – the inventor of Turbodecoder will present locksmith products in Australia

more info TBA

Turbodecoder USA

Turbodecoder USA Patented products – 3 weeks of demos around the U.S.

soon we will post the presentation schedule

The present:



The past

Luckylocks company will be glad to see you in our booth at the ELF 2018 convention in PORTO – 25-27 May! Come and discover the ultimate high-tech author’s locksmith tools and opening solutions – Turbodecoders, Luckydecoders and many others.

Turbo decoder Italia – partecipazione di convegno ERSI 2018 Benvenuti all nostro stand per scoprire le ulime technologie per apertura e decodifica di serrature! Bologna 11-13 mggio. Presentato da Ivaylov, Atanasov & Kirev

Welcome to our exhibition booth in Athens – 05-06 May 2018. We will present our ultimate locksmith tools, necessary for your successful business

Turbo decoder USA – Just Cars 2018 event – Orlando. SHOW TIME!

Turbodecoder USA – ALOA 2017 exhibition and locksmith event by Atanasov

MILIPOL 2017 – Paris – Luckylocks Turbodecoder events presentation by Ivaylov, Atanasov, Kirev

Solo Auto 2017 Salerno Italia con partecipazione di Luckylocks and Turbodecoder®

Turbodecoder factory presents exposition in Poland 2018

Convegno ERSI – Bologna 2017

ELF – convention 2017 – Prague

Turbodecoder events Spain 2017 – locksmith training class and tools presentation

APECS – Spain 2017 Locksmith weekend with Turbodecoder exhibition

Turbodecoder events Turkey Istambul 2017 locksmith trainng classes & trade show

Master Locksmiths Association – UK convention 2017 with the participation of Lucky Locks AD and presented by Ivaylov, Atanasov and Kirev

Turbodecoder Locksmith event and exhibition Portugal 2017 – 

Locksmtih Exhibition with Pasvatis company – Athens 2016

The beginning of Turbodecoder events

IKS 2012 –  the beginning of the Turbodecoder® journey

Ivaylov, Atanasov – owners / inventors of Luckylocks company.

Advanced locksmith solutions, picks, tools, decoders and more!

turbo decoders invented by

Ivaylov – Luckylocks company manager, locksmith tools and decoders inventor and manufacturer. 

turbodecoder inventor

Atanasov – Luckylocks company manager, locksmith tools and decoders inventor.