Full kit with lock destroy devices

Turbopuller basic

Turbopuller Combo

Power locksmith tools by Luckylocks ®

The power tools we offer are used by residential or automotive locksmiths to unlock damaged locks.
These tools are destructive and require lock replacement after use.
You can use them to unlock universal, dumple cylinders as well as automotive locks. We know that a lot of the locking systems are protected against drilling. With our tools you do not have to comply with this.
We also offer reinforced screws as spare parts to pull the lock rotor.
These tools are made of specially selected steel to resist serious mechanical stresses.

Turbopuller Basic

Power locksmith tool for extracting the lock rotor thanks to its special hardened screw and to its main extractor mechanism. We offer special screws of 2 different diameter sizes to screw them in different lock key way holes.

The tool comes with 3 hard plates which have 3 rotor diameter holes so please choose the plate with the correct hole if you wish to pull the lock rotor. If you wish to brake the lock cylinder, do not use the hard rotor plate and the cylinder will be broken in 2 parts. Remove the external part and unlock the door with a screwdriver. Beware – some locks are protected and once you brake the cylinder and remove it the lock goes in protection mode and you will have to drill it in order to unlock. For this reason we suggest you to use the rotor hard plate and to pull only the rotor from the lock.

Strong reinforced lock extractor.

The turbopuller BASIC  often is the only effective manner of a time saving emergency opening, especially in the case of multiple bolt locks and half cylinders (cylinders that only contain 1 plug and can only be opened from one side of the door), as commonly used for example in glass-doors, garage-doors, alarm systems and shades. As the device works with a single and centrally oriented pulling-mechanism there do not exist sideward powers during the actual pulling. This avoids the tilting or breaking of the special pull screws.
This special tool, developed for locksmiths and governmental agencies, allows the easy and efficient removal of any type of (profile, round and oval) cylinder locks. The  turbopuller allows fast opening of doors without damaging the door or the door guard. Using the plug extractor plates for the pulling of plugs, it is also possible to only remove the plug itself from the cylinder, allowing quick and easy access to the locking mechanism.

Turbopuller Combo

This power tool is a good choice for destructive opening of door cylinders and automotive locks. It has an adapter at the tip so you can use it or remove it to use for residential or car cylinders.

The tool comes with 3 screws / of different diameters / and you can order more in addition if you need. We keep a large screw quantity in stock.

Cylinder Breaking power tool

This new tool makes a strong connection with the lock and enables a fast breaking off of minimal jutting out locks thanks to the clever grip cuts on the working surface!

Vehicle lock power tool

It just extracts car door or ignition locks. Use this tool when all other methods are useless!

The tool comes with 3 screws to use in different lock holes. If you need more screws – let us know! We deliver fast spare special treated and hardened ones!

Power tools kit

When they are broken…

when you can’t pick them

when you can’t decode them

when it’s necessary


The set contains:

  • Puller COMBO – multi-purpose – car or home locks!
  • Calibration strips with different diameter for precise withdrawal of the rotor locking mechanism
  • Reinforced wrench to apply the required effort
  • Retractable bi-metal self-tapping bolts with different diameter, made by means of a special technology, characterized by high tensile strength – a basic effort thanks to which the procedure becomes possible.
  • A tool for radial bending for low- profiled lock cylinders.
  • Portable toolbox

*Tools are available for sale both as kits and individually.

Any unauthorized use of locksmith instruments for illegal purposes shall be entirely at your own risk.

Tools set for force / destructive / entry in house and automotive locks.

Spare screws

We offer spare screws to be used with our Power tools.

The minimum order quantity is 20 pieces!

The tool is basically designed to open in an emergency euro-shaped lock cylinders when there is serious damage with regard to the locking device and when it cannot be unlocked with a key or a decoder. Our last offer is represented by our development, designed to mechanically pull the locking mechanism and provide access directly to the lock.

The use of our tool does not damage the door which makes it effective.

We have also created a combined tool that can be used to open both automotive and home cylinders/ locks/ – Puller Combo. This master tool is made of high-strength steel with advanced ultimate tensile strength features to handle secret locks designed to sustain mechanical effort.