Ivaylov Professional Locksmith Tools Inventor & Manufacturer since 1997

Our team leader Ivaylov is a Bulgarian locksmith who has been working in Sofia – Bulgaria, since 1997. In the last few years he has started to invent and manufacture lock opening tools and professional lock decoders. Turbodecoder latest generation vehicle opening tools, Luckydecoder TD home lock decoders, mini series of Ecodecoders are some of his inventions.

Ivaylov locksmith tools
IVAYLOV – locksmith tools inventor. Professional decoders manufacturer

Ivaylov professional decoders and tools for locksmiths

Discover some of Ivaylov professional locksmith tool inventions!

Luckydecoder TD 4 Juwel CAM Metem

Invented by Ivaylov – decoder for Juwel 4×4 double bit locks.

Luckydecoder TD 2 - double bit lock decoder

Professional tools for opening and decoding Fiam locks

Luckydecoder TD 1 Fiam f39 / f40

Professional locksmith tool made for Cisa  353 locks

Luckydecoder TD 3 Juwel Cam

Instruments for professional locksmiths to open Juwel 3×3 locks