Key learning devices - obd engine start devices


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Many of the electronic devices do not require an Internet connection or PC, so they are independent and self-sufficient solutions. No specific computer preparation and competence is required by the customer. The key training procedure is described in detail in the instruction manuals that accompany the product. It is very important that the customer is familiar with the exact model and the year of production of the car when using the electronic equipment we offer.

We ask customers to consider that many automotive manufacturers offer software upgrades to the main ECM module, which causes failure of operation of our products. This is because the automotive companies hide their weak spots by “cutting off” access to various functions of the modules.

Keep in mind that even the car owners that have relative competence and knowledge regarding the above, interrupt the cables to the OBD communication car port, which in turn can seriously damage the devices we offer because they are only created for ORIGINAL software and modification TYPES.

The risk of damages and losses in such cases is solely to the expense of the customer and the company is not liable for any damages and losses in this regard.