since 10.12.2015

Turbodecoder – finally we have covered it with USA Patent! To ensure that you purchase an original product. To protect our intellectual rights against copy makers.

turbodecoder patented

Patent Registration number d815930-s

Luckylocks AD Turbodecoder is a Bulgarian manufacturing company since 2009 – involved in undertaking engineering solutions and production for the locksmith industry around the globe. Our products sell around Europe, United States, Africa and Australia. 
Our company operates under the registered European trademarks “Turbodecoder” “Ecodecoder” and “Luckylocks”. Some of our products have been granted with PATENTS / U.S. and Bulgarian origin / that provide further recognition of the quality of the innovation carried out by the turbodecoder.com Team.

Our products are known for the non-disruptive way of working, durability and easy procedures that require minimum knowledge in this very complicated field.

Thanks to our huge experience we provide customized and innovative solutions for our clients and partners. We are a complete integrated “problem solver” in the locksmith industry including, but not limited to the car lock systems and high-security level locks. Because the experience

Luckylocks Team since 2009

Turbodecoder ® international trade mark belongs to the Luckylocks company


Grimaldello bulgaro – tension tool certified product.

released on 07.-7.2015 by OHIM with number 002732610-000607

Gertified Gerda Tytan opening tool by OHIM on 07.07.2015. Registration number: 002732610-0005

Gerda Tytan certificate for registration

07.07.2015 N: 002732610-0004

Luckylocks  – locksmith solutions

Grimaldello bulgaro – tensore cierificato 002732610-0003 data 07.07.2015

Grimaldello bulgaro versione classica certificato di registrazione OHIM 002732610-0002 dall 07.07.2015

Certificato per gergistrazione di grimaldello bugaro serrature a pompa.

07.07.2015 numero 002732610-0001

The original version of TURBODECODER certified on 28.11.2014 / 002587188-002 by OHIM.

Version of certified Turbodecoder design released on 10.06.2015 with number 002716332-0001

Other product known as ECODECODER . certified on 28.11.2014 / 002587188-004