Peugeot device for learn new key

With this device you can program new keys without the need of an Immobilizer PIN code and the whole programming is done via OBD II for vehicles with CAN BUS and UDS diagnostic protocols. The device is very easy to use and you only need to adjust the switches, to choose how many keys to program and to plug the device in the OBD II port. The device will work on vehicles from 2005 till 2016 and some later models.


  • PIN code reading – the device will read the PIN code necessary for immobilizer key programming directly from the car BSI module via OBD II.
  • No more need to disassemble the BSI or ECU for reading the PIN code.
    With the device you can program the maximum of keys allowed by the manufacturer.

Suported Peugeot car models:

Peugeot 1007
Peugeot 206 (1,4 HDI, 2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 207
Peugeot 306 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 307 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 307 2005+
Peugeot 208 2012+
Peugeot 2008 2013+
Peugeot 301 2012+
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 508
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 406 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 407
Peugeot 607 2006+
Peugeot 807 2006+
Peugeot Expert II
Peugeot Partner (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot Ranch (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot Partner 2008+

Supported Citroen car models:

Citroën C2
Citroën C3 (1.4 HDI)
Citroën C3 2006+
Citroën C3 II
Citroën DS3
Citroën C4
Citroën C4 Picasso
Citroën C4 II
Citroën DS4
Citroën C5 (2.0 HDI)
Citroën C5 2004+
Citroën C5 II 2007+
Citroën DS5
Citroën C6
Citroën C8 2007+
Citroën Jumpy II
Citroën Xsara (2.0 HDI)
Citroën Xsara Picasso (2.0 HDI)
Citroën Saxo (1.4 HDI)
Citroën Berlingo (2.0 HDI)
Citroën Berlingo 2008+
Citroën Xantia (2.0 HDI)
Citroën Picasso (2.0 HDI)
Citroën C-Elysee 2012+