BMW E Series Engine Start With No Key


bmw e series engine start with no key
BMW E Series Engine Start With No Key


BMW E series engine start with no key with our OBD key learning device

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BMW E series engine start with no key is a new special device for BMW and Mini Cooper. This device offers key and transponder programming for CAS module and is developed to work via OBD II. And you can also prepare onsite keys or transponders. This is because the device consists of a car programmer and Hi Tag II key programmer.

With this new Device when you program keys via OBD II, the existing/old keys will not be erased. And so you will be able to use them again. The Device will program the remote control automatically at all available frequencies for Europe, North/South America, Africa and Asia.

The OBD II connector of the car powers up the device. And it is very useful for Auto Locksmiths, Auto engineers and even Special Police Agencies!!

The device works with the latest BMW software ISTA V45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52/53/54/55/56/57 and up to the latest one for CAS 3/3+

Note: The new update V15.2 includes solution for MEVD17.2 DME for X5 and X6 with new sw ISTA 50 – ISTA 55 for reading DME_SK for key programming. If you program a new remote key/transponder for one BMW/Mini Cooper car with our device then you can use the same key again to program it for another car. Or you can clear it with our device only and restore it into blank state. Also, the programming of a new key for updated BMW vehicles where flashing is needed, is reduced to 6 min.

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