Cisa 3-5-3 Luckydecoder


Luckydecoder Cisa Cambio Facile can open all types of Cisa 3-5-3 (BIG CISA MAP). With the correct technique it will easily open the lock with no damage. Please watch the video instructions below to understand how to use it

This decoder is meant to open the big Cisa key – 3-5-3 also know as Cisa Cambio Facile. The tool is applicable only to this lock. It is NOT universal.

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Cisa 3-5-3 Luckydecoder

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The kit includes

Automatic Lucky Decoder can open and decode Cisa 3-5-3 double bit level lock.

Since this Lucky decoder has a design meant for the double bit lever lock Cisa Cambio Facile 3-5-3 its structure is build accordingly. The pick consists of blade with three cassettes. Inside the cassettes we have separate pins (3 pins in two of the cassettes and 5 in the middle one). The cassettes are connected through a pumper to the back wheel. 

The mechanism is build like this – when you start the pumping (the movement on the back wheel) you move the pumper inside. And this effects the movement of the cassette. On the other hand the pins are pressed on the levers. This way they move according the code of the lock. And it happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the “teeth” of the original key.

This lockpick tool works in a non- disruptive way. Every tool can be used on a specific lock! in this case Cisa Cambio Facile 3-5-3 or on locks with similar dimensions. The dimension of the insides of the locks (the size of the original key) is crucial. Meaning – the count of the levers and the distance between the levers is a must to know before using any lockpick tool. Lucky decoders makes no difference. 

General information for the luckydecoder

There is no such thing as “one tool to open EVERY lock”. Hence, universal tool cannot exist with this types ! The operator must know the Double Bit Lock he tries to open. Hence some locksmith knowledge is required.

These lockpick tools work with NO FORCE. You apply medium amount of tension. The tool will lift each of the levers of the Double Bit Lock to a specific height. And this allows the locking bolt to move forward. This happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the “teeth” of the original key. In this way the profile of a half of the key is obtained. To obtain the other half, it is necessary to repeat the operation for the second half of the profile. At this point you have a complete double bit profile able to open and close the lock exactly like the original key. 

Shipping and Handling

Every Lucky Decoder ship has a Unique Serial Number and a description of the lock model made for. We ship with DHL Express all around the world (not applicable for Russia) and we provide the tracking number. If you need any further information or if you have after sales queries we remain at your disposal. Contact us directly by WhatsApp or email at [email protected]

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