New Self-learning Remote control (433,92-; 434,4 -; 315-; 868 MHz; and 300-900MHz) with adjustable frequency (TURBO VERSION 0.5)

The latest universal solution for different types of automation – remote-controlled barriers, gates, shutters, chains.

1. High-performance hardware and software platform
2. Signal processing algorithm with any encoding, length or complexity that
provides coverage of virtually any automatic system.
3. LED display for:

A) mode selection
B) scanning time
C) the kind of active system
G) selecting the name of the memory cell
3. Able to work in low temperatures
4. Highly sensitive radio unit with telescopic antenna
5. Memory Bank with 50 cells
6. Built-in Li-ion battery (10 hrs of active work and more than a month in
stand-by mode)

– Ability to grab the most common remote controls (full list – in the Application)
– Operating range 315.0; 433.92; 434.4; 868.35; and 300-900MHz (with any frequency)
– Working distance is 50 – 100 m
– 50 memory cells


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