Ford Engine Start – Key Learning Device F2


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Ford Engine Start – Key Learning Device F2


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FOR U.S. MODELS ONLY!!!  2011 UP TO 2017

FORD KEY PROGRAMMER & FAST STARTER MODEL F2  will program all FORD USA cars from the list bellow from 2011 up to 2017 year via OBD II and will do the key programming without any need of internet connection. You will only need to have the correct key/transponder for the present vehicle, then turn the ignition on and plug in the device. Now follow the procedure according to the manual and wait 30 seconds until the key is programmed.

Models covered:

  • Transponder keys:

Edge U387, CD539N – 2011 – 2015 +
Everest U375 – 2015 +
Explorer U502 – 2011 +
F-Series P415, P552 – 2011 – 2015 +
F-Series SD P473 – 2011 +
Flex D471 – 2011 +
Fusion CD391C, CD391N – 2013 – 2015 +
MKC C489 – 2015 +
MKS D385 – 2011 +
MKT D472 – 2011 +
MKX U388 – 2011 +
MKZ CD533 – 2014 – 2015 +
Mondeo/Fusion CD391E – 2015 +
Musatang S550 – 2015 +
GALAXY/S-Max CD539 – 2015 +
Taurus D258 – 2011 +
Transit-Connect V480 – 09.2016 – 2017 +
Transit/Transit Custom
V347/362/363 – 09.2016 – 2017 +
Transit-Courier B460 – 09.2016 – 2017 +


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