Lucky Decoder TD1 FIAM 39/40 PICK OPENING TOOL


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Lucky Decoder TD1 FIAM 39/40 PICK OPENING TOOL


Lucky decoder TD1 Fiam 39/40 PICK OPENING TOOL | Fiam antipicking

Luckydecoder TD1 Fiam f39 / f40 – automatic locksmith opening and decoding tool.

Specially designed for fast and non-destructive opening of the latest generations Double bit locks equipped with anti-pick mechanisms.
Lucky decoder TD1 Fiam f39 / f40 is very easy to use and, more importantly, it does not damage the door or the lock!

Lucky decoder TD1 Fiam f39 / f40 what the tool does:

Decoding – yes – it is possible!
Fiam locks are known as ones of the high-class in the industry and they are mounted on metal armored doors.

Sometimes to open those locks is very hard.
We have engaged the most advanced technology to build with accuracy this locksmith tool.

Luckydecoder TD1 Fiam f39 / f40 is durable – we have tested this keye for more than 100 opening cycles!
In the plastic transport box with soft foam inlay you will receive 1 key decoder, calibrated set up devices and 6 spare pins.

Attention – this is not a power force device.

Use it as described to achieve best results in your locksmith opening service.

List of the locks opened with Lucky decoder TD 1 Fiam f39 / f40

  • Fiam F39 ANTIPICK
  • Fiam F39 non antipick 5 plates / gorges
  • Models Fiam F40 non atipick.
  • Locks Fiam f 40 with antipick or antideco systems.
  • Ezcurra double bit locks

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us. Meanwhile you can check out all of our Luckydecoders here.

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Lucky decoder TD1 key e un grimaldello automatico per apertura in caso di emergenza. Il atrezo e stato creato per aprire le serrature dotate di dispozitivi ” antimanipolazione”

Questo grimaldello non dannegia le serature durante la procedura e dopo la apertura e possibile creare una chiave mechanica se ce bisogno.

Il atrezzo e testato per piu di 100 cicli di apertura

Dotato di numero di serie, va consegniato in una casa di trasporto insieme con resettatore e perni di scorta. Con ogni Luckydecoder TD noi faciamo test di funzionamento e il video di questo test Vi sara comunicato.

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