Mottura 3×3 Grimaldello Bulgaro per Apertura e Decodifica DM


grimaldello per Mottura 3x3
Mottura 3×3 Grimaldello Bulgaro per Apertura e Decodifica DM


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Mottura 3 x 3 Grimaldello Bulgaro per Apertura e Decodifica DM

Mottura 3×3 DM Decoder

This DM decoder is specially designed to unlock Mottura 3×3 small map, 2 or 4 turn double bit locks. These locks are without any anti-pick systems and therefore the opening is pretty easy.

The decoder is an automatic self-impression tool. It allows you to work fast and also gives you a professional result.

Keep in mind that our device is not a power or force tool. Because of that you must use it carefully

If you have any questions about this tool, then feel free to contact us.

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