Simplediag HW -> 290 euro
SD01 -> 290 euro
SD02 -> 430 euro
SD03 -> 570 euro
SD05 -> 430 euro
SD07 -> 430 euro
SD08 -> 115 euro
SD09 -> 1500 euro
SD10 -> 250 euro
SD11 -> 150 euro
SD12 -> 430 euro
SD13 -> 1300 euro
SD14 -> 430 euro
SD18 -> 100 euro

luckylocks info icons


Professional car diagnostic program – SIMPLEDIAG – The future of user-friendly features

This interface is designed to help the user quickly and easily do the job they need. Different features can be activated depending on what one needs. All software is designed so that the user without much thought within seconds can do what he’s got.


​​​​​​​We release new updates very often and all our software have automatic updates. Thus you can be sure you are always using the latest version of the app.

McLaren Simplediag
Licenses for SIMPLEDIAG – Professional car diagnostic program:

SD01 -> HD PIN Code reading

HD PIN Code reading - simplediag

With this license you can calculate the necessary codes and program the keys for the Harley-Davidson models:

  • Dyna 2007-2017
  • Softail 2006-2017
  • Sportster 2007-2017
  • Street 2014-2017
  • VRSC 2006-2017

SD02 -> Video In Motion and CarPlay – activation, deactivation and HU5.5 coding

Video In Motion:Mercedes - simplediag

NTG5.xx – 2014-2017

  • C-Class – W205
  • C-Class – S205
  • S-Class – W222
  • S-Class – V222
  • S-Class Coupe – C217
  • Vito&Viano – W447

NTG5.5 – 2016-2017

  • E-Class – W213

CarPlay – NTG 5.1 – 2015-2017

NTG 5.1 - simplediag

  • A-Class – W176
  • B-Class – W246/W242
  • C-Class – W204
  • GLK – Class – X204
  • E-Class – W212
  • CLS-Class – W218
  • CLA-Class – W117
  • GLA-Class – W156
  • ML/GL-Class – W166/X166
  • GLE-Class – W166
  • GLE-Class – W292
  • GLS-Class – W166

HU5.5 Coding

HU5.5 Coding - simiplediag

Change coding values: Wireless Power Transfer, Antitheft Code, Driving program

                                                Type  AMG,   Car  Data  Visualization  Telemetry,   CarPlay

                                                Remote  UI  Services,  CarPlay,  Engineering  Menu,   AMG, 

                                                AMG Sport, MirrorLink, Remote UI

SD03 -> Extreme MB renew tool

With this Professional car diagnostic program you can read service hash and with help of Extreme MB tool*

you can calculate dealer hash.  With this dealer hash you can  renew  the  unit.

Extreme MB - simplediag

  • Supported are FBS3 components – EZS/EIS, ESL/ELV, TCU(7G), CVT(722.8), ISM, DSM, ECU (all FBS 3 Engine Controllers, including CRR1 Siemens Continental ) 
  • SRS Airbag Crash Clear ( for the moment only by dump ). Supported units are: 
    W168, BOSCH, Motorola MC68HC11KA, Part Nr: 0285001222-0018203126
    W171, TEMIC, Motorola 3K91D, Part Nr: 1718202426
    W203, BOSCH, Motorola, Part Nr: 0018209726
    W203, BOSCH, Motorola HC12B32 (912BE32), Part Nr: 0285001373
    W204/W207, CONTINENTAL, 25C640, Part Nr: 2079011800
    W204/W207, CONTINENTAL, 95128, Part Nr: 2079012500
    W204/W207, SIEMENS VDO, 95640, Part Nr: 2048202285
    W211/W219, BOSCH, CR16, Part Nr: 0285010146
    Citan, CONTINENTAL, 95160, Part Nr: any
  • For CVT (722.8) you can program original and current VIN and transfer coding CVT - simplediag
    from old to new CVT

STEP 1 -> Read the original information from the unit

MB tool Step 1 - simplediag

STEP 2 -> With help of Extreme MB tool* you can calculate dealer hash

MB tool step 2 - simplediag

*Extreme MB tool password calculation: Software for calculating the dealer password for FBS3 components – EZS, ESL, 7G, ISM, DSM, ECU

STEP 3 -> Put the calculated password and make the module new.

MB tool step 3 - simplediag

STEP 4 -> The module is new nowMB tool step 4 - simplediag

SD05 – Professional car diagnostic program-> SCN Tool. Vmax change for Delphi CRD1.xx; CRD2.xx; CRD3.xx

SD05 - Simplediag

Vmax change for Delphi CRD1.xx; CRD2.xx; CRD3.xx

SD07 -> Delphi/Bosch ECU Tool

SD07 - Simplediag

With this tool you can read and modify data in CDI controllers.

SD08 -> Radio PIN code reader via OBDII for Renault, Dacia and SMART 453 models

SD08 - Simplediag

Automatically reads the serial number of the radio and calculates the code

SD09 -> AMG Activator for MB


Here you can see other videos made in real cars:

W222 – AMG activation – https://youtu.be/1t9vl3zKYI8

W204 – AMG activation – https://youtu.be/M2eBKOvJZug

W463 – AMG activation – https://youtu.be/JzucrYaNlFs

W218 – AMG activation – https://youtu.be/Mn-eEsCmuM4

W221 – AMG and BRABUS activation – https://youtu.be/T0MNIXpJWy0

IC213 – AMG activation – https://youtu.be/L3dGhnWL8D0

IC213 – AMG activation – 2 variants – https://youtu.be/VYlOFRI7-1s

SD13 -> MB Dash Renew

       MB Dash Renew – Basically this software is designed for customers who want to make renew of MB instrument clusters. Once the cluster is in “virgin state” – the kilometers are zero and drive authorisation data is also reset (in other words – synchronization between Instrument clusters and EZS (FBS3 or FBS4 is broken). 

      The following functions are available in the software:

  • Read/Write eeprom by OBDII or on bench (Also standalone without Gateway on bench for some clusters)
  • Renew IC function
  • Learn IC function

        Dashboards can also be learned with DAS/Xentry after renew procedure.The new LCD clusters are also powered up on bench with functions to see real Picture when working on bench.

SD13                  SD13


SD12 -> MB Dash Unlocker

          This is a Software Designed to use together with vediamo/dts/xentry or a simply can device with manual command prompt, that unlocks dashboards IC213/IC222 that have timeout for seed key input active and Not possible to unlock by manual typing seed key.

          With help of this Tool you can simultaneously connect with diagnostic, and proceed the unlock, after this you can proceed with manual command prompt like you already know from previous models. Support for IC213 and IC222 in following models: W205/253/190/290/222/217/213/238/257/463. 

         Also IC222 after year 2016 are possible for reading but writing will be locked for the most of them.

          Analogie IC222 after year 2018 will be fully unlocked again


Here you can see the performance of the software in reality:

SD14 Simplediag- Professional car diagnostic program -> MB Diagnostic Firewall Unlock

          This is a Software Designed to use together with Vediamo/DTS Monaco/Xentry on latest MB vehicles – W907/118/177/167 and W213/238/257/463/290 years 2019 and later.  In these vehicles you will not be allowed to make adaptations or variantcoding without or else diagnostic functionality.

The tool should be used with OBD2 Y-Adapter – it will disable the Firewall and autodetects if Firewall is active in Vehicle and the type that is used for unlock. All customers who want to do advanced diagnostic in latest MB cars need to use that software.

SD14 Simplediag - Firewall

Here you can see the performance of the software in reality:


SD10 Simplediag -> Smart 451, 454, 453/Twingo 3 tool

Software for Smart 451, 454, 453 and Renault Twingo 3 vehicles. With this software you have this functionality:

– Smart 451 – Key programing (Add key or All keys lost)

– Smart 454 – Key programming (Add key  or All keys lost)

– Smart 453/Twingo 3 – Key programming ( if you have wokring key), Odomneter correction, Read/Write VIN, Read/Write flash, Service Reset

– Clear Crash data by OBDII – SPC560 Continental, RH850 Renault, CX23xx Autoliv RC7
– Steering Column – Clear Immo – Clio III, Megane III, Modus, Scenic III, Twingo III

SD11 - Simplediag   SD11 - Simplediag - Reno   SD11 - Simplediag - tool

SD11 -> Simplediag – Odometer package


KIA: Ceed 2009+; Н4; K5; KX5; Magentis 2009+; Mohave 2017+; Optima 2011+; Optima (K5) 2014+; Optima (D70F3536); Rio(24c16); Rio 2017+; Sorento 2009+(24c16); Sorento 2012+(24c16); Sorento (nec without ext eeprom);  Soul 2010+(24c16); Soul 2014+(24c16); Soul (nec without ext eeprom); Sportage 2010+(24c16); Sportage 2014+( nec without ext eeprom); Sportage 2015+(24c16); Sportage 2016+ (Yazaki nec+25160); Sportage 2016+( nec without ext eeprom)

Hyundai: Accent 2010+(24c16); Accent 2018+( D70F3536); Azera (D70F3536); Creta (nec without ext eep); Elantra (D70F3536); Genesis 2014+(nec without ext eep); Getz (24c16); HB20 (D70F3536); I20 2010+(24c16); I20 2010+(24c16v2); I20 2014+(nec without ext eep); I20 Elite; I25 (24c16); I30 2015+(nec without ext eep); Mistra 2015+ (D70F3536); Tucson 2014+; Solaris 2010+(24c16); Solaris (nec without ext eep); Sonata 9 (D70F3536); Grandeur 2012+(24c16); Verna(24c16); Veloster(24c16); Veracruz 2011+(nec)

Hyndai/Kia ECU: EDC15C2, EDC15C7, EDC17C08, EDC17C57

Great Wall: Haval H6, H8, H9

Proton: Previa, Preve 2012+

SsangYong: Actyon(24c16)

Nissan: Terrano(9s12XHY256); Altima 2013+(Nec+24c16); Serena 2011+(Nec+24c16); Leaf 2011+(Nec+24c16); Teana 2014+(Nec+24c16); Pathfinder 2014+(Nec+24c16)

Renault: Megane 3(Fujitsu 96F386+95160); Megane 3(Fujitsu 96F387+95160); Fluence(Fujitsu 96F386+95160); Fluence (Fujitsu 96F387+95160);

Dacia: Logan 2(9s12XHY256); Logan 2 v2(9s12XHY256); Logan 2 v3(9s12XHY256); Sandero 2(9s12XHY256); Duster 2(9s12XHY256); Duster 2 v2(9s12XHY256); Duster 2 v3(9s12XHY256); Duster 2 v4(9s12XHY256)

Mitsubishi: ASX 2014+ 8100B951(NEC 70F3529); ASX 2014+ 8100B961(NEC 70F3523); Outlander 8100B895 (NEC+93C76); Outlander 8100B889 (NEC+93C76); Outlander 8100C292 (NEC+93C76); Outlander 8100B197 (91F223+93C86); Lancer X, ASX 8100C051 (91F223+93C76); L200 2017+

Toyota:  Auris VDO 2012+(24C16); Auris VDO 2015+(70F35xx); Avensis VDO 2013+(24C16); Avensis VDO 2015+(70F35xx); Corolla VDO 2013+(24C16); Corolla VDO 2015+(70F35xx); Yaris 2017+ (91F061)

Mahindra: Mahindra NuvoSport N8 2015+

Fiat: 500L

Jeep: Renegade 2014+

SD18 -> Simplediag – Key Programmer

Key programming software that works with Simplediag hardware. Step by step, we will add programming functionality to different makes and models of cars. Supported models are:

  • SsangYoung – Rexton XDi (2001-2008)

SD18   SD18-2   SD18-3


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