Tesla Diagnostic Software


  • Main Package -> 1500 euro
  • * Update – Advanced Package -> 2000 euro
  • Full version -> 3200 euro
  • Annual subscription after first year —> 300 euro
  • Online Support (AnyDesk or SupRemo) – 50 euro/hour

Tesla Diagnostic software

Tesla Diag Software
We are pleased to present the latest software to our range – T-Diag Software. This software is designed specifically for people who want to be able to diagnose and repair TESLA vehicles. As you already know, our software constantly updates automatically.

Currently supported models are Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Please keep in mind that all functions are supported on non rooted and Tegra based cpu with versions up to 2020.24

* to use white fakra, first you must put car in factory mode via black connector behind IC Windows 10 supported only. These are just some of the features of our software:

  1. Our tool can install firmware on car
  2. Can redeploy car (Adjustment of non-original vehicle modules reprogramming of used parts modules)
  3. Have functions to download current firmware version from car to assist when changing emmc chip in cid if emmc totally damaged and can not be read. By that way with our tool you can extract car configuration from car without cid and generate files needed for new CID emmc image. This way you do not have to worry about Spansion chip version
  4. Our tool can enable GW Serial console to CID
  5. Have functions for bench setup of IC
  6. Can backup and restore IC
  7. Can retrofit modules by GW/CID configuration
  8. Can set configuration if you do US/EU Conversion and swap radio and charger module
  9. Can recode new battery if different from original

We offer you the following packages of Tesla Diagnostic Software:

  • Main Package. Include -> OBDII interface + Dongle + USB Lan Hub + Basic software with these functionality:
  • Scan the available modules in the vehicle, Read and clear all DTCs

Tesla Model X


Tesla Model X - Functions


Tesla Model X - Read all

  • Air suspension – Set Ride Heigh, Service mode, Force Gallery Pressure, Get Pressure, Live Ride Heigh, TAS Clear Crash Data


Tesla Model X - Air Suspension

  • Brakes/ESP/TPMS – Read TPMS ID, Brake Bleeding, Steering Wheel Angle calibration, Activate EPB Service Mode, Get Versions


Tesla Model X - Brakes

  • Airbag – Read/Write Eeprom, Clear Crash data, Read Resistance



  • Body – Door Handles ICE Breaker, Steering Wheel Column calibration, Rear Wing calibration, 


T-diag - body

  • Battery/BMS – BMS Read Serial number, BMS Contactor Reset, Reset Contactor Stress Index, Reset Contactor WOT Counter


Tesla model X - Battery

  • Cooling – THC AirPurge Start/Stop, THC RefillDrain Start/Stop


T-Diag - Cooling

  • Bench – Power On/Off IC on Bench


T-Diag - Bench

  • Live Data – Read Alerts


Model X - Live Data


Model X - Live Data - T-Diag

  • Advanced functions – Read Car Vitals, Keyless Driving ON/OFF, Valet Enable/Disable, Showroom Enable/Disable, Reset IC, Master Reset, Reset CID, Reset GW, GW Telnet Allow, Bus Wake, Rails ON, Enter/Exit Diag, Enter/Exit Factory Mode, Enter/Exit Development Mode


Model X - Advanced functions 



Tesla Model X - Advanced functions - T-Diag

  • Alerts – Read All and Current alerts

Model X - Alerts


Tesla Model X - Alerts - T-diag


  • Advanced Package. This package include Read/Write Configuration, Odometer recalibration, Pin to Drive, Emergency moving, Disable Pin to Drive, Key programming for Model S ( Add key or All keys lost)


Model X - Advanced Package


Model X - Advanced Package-2

With this videos we want to show you the performance of the special features of our software that are made in real car:

Odometer Recalibration:

contact us for prices and additional info

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