Toyota / LEXUS Emergency Start and ADD key


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All models ( Toyota & Lexus) 2015-2022

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2017 – 2022

This EMERGENCY Device BYPASS the Electronic Security System IN SECONDS !

Emergency starter and key switch

in situations where all keys are lost

for Toyota / Lexus vehicles with system

Smart Key  / A8 / A9 / 2017 – 2022

1 – Unplug the top jack of the Smart Module which most models are behind the “frog” and plug unplug into the module, plug the plug disconnected from the module to the other end of the adapter. The LED”s will start flash quickly in (green) color after a few seconds of locking the steering wheel will unlock and the top diode will remain constant illuminated at this moment automatically “contact”when the board lights up press once the start button if the car is a “hybrid” if it is not a “hybrid starter”will activate automatically.To turn off the car, simply unplug the appliance from adapter.

2 – Adding a new or used Smart Module. To make the car keys work after all of his keys were lost you need to replace the Smart Module with a brand new one “Virgin” or used for which you have a key.

(1) – When the module is brand new:Remove the old module and put the new one in its place, connect all sockets as in “emergency start”press and hold “ADD Key” before switching on the appliance the device will emit a brief sound the upper LED will illuminate in yellow and the bottom will flash quickly in green. Put the appropriate one key on the start / stop button of the car if everything is passed successfully the car will produce two short sounds which means that the key was saved successfully.

(2) -When the nodule is used and you have a key to it:Complete the above step, but before turning on the appliance, press button “ID” the device will produce two short beeps the upper diode will light up in yellow the bottom will flash fast, set the key to the start / stop button of the car will produce a short beep, the key is ready to go!.


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