Turbo Decoder HU100R BMW F Series


Turbo decoder HU100R – Professional Decoder BMW F SERIES locksmith tool  made by Luckylocks – Daniel Atanasov / inventor /

#Turbo decoder HU 100 R

Turbodecoder HU100 R for BMW F series vehicle locks after 2013

Turbo Decoder locksmith tool for BMW
Unlock BMW cars when lost keys
Turbo Decoder HU100R bmw locksmith tool
Turbo Decoder HU100R BMW F Series


how to use turbodecoder hu100r

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Turbo Decoder HU100R for BMW F Series

Turbo Decoder HU100R – BMW F series offers to the locksmith clean and fast pick / opening / unlocking of the vehicle as many times as necessary. Once the opening procedure is complete, the locksmith can read / decode the mechanical code of the lock. Then he may insert the code in a key cutting machine and thus can make a working key. The tool can also turn the ignition lock so the locksmith can service the lock, i.e. he can remove or replace it. The procedure is easy to learn. We will accept the product guarantee only if the buyer was trained by our employee.

IMPORTANT: This Turbo Decoder HU100R is designed to open original locks ONLY! We do not recommend using it with Chinese locks. Because the dimensions of the Chinese locks can cause damages to the tool!

Turbo Decoder HU100R – BMW F series can be used on the following door locks:

F01 7 Series – Production 2008
F02 7 Series Long wheelbase – Production 2008
F03 7 Series Security Vehicles – Production 2008
F10 5 Series Sedan – Production 2010
F11 5 Series Touring – Production 2010
F12 6 Series Convertible – Production 2011
F13 6 Series Coupe – Production 2011
F15 X5 – Production 2014
F16 X6 – Production 2014
F20 1 Series five-door – Production 2011
F21 1 Series three-door – Production 2011
F22 2 Series coupe – Production 2013
F23 2 Series Convertible – Production 2014
F25 X3 – Production 2011
F30 3 Series Sedan- Production 2011
F31 3 Series Touring – Production 2012
F32 4 Series Coupe – Production 2013
F33 4 Series Convertible – Production 2014
F34 3 Series Gran Turismo – Production 2013

F35 3 Series Long wheelbase – Production 2012
F36 4 Series Gran Coupe – Production 2015
F44 1 Series Gran Turismo – Production 2014
F45 1 Series Touring – Production 2014
F46 1 Series front-wheel drive (exact name is unknown) – Production 2015

F80 M3 – Production 2014

F82 M4 – Production 2014

F01H – 7 Series Sedan – Active Hybrid 7 – Production 2012
F02H – 7 Series Sedan – Active Hybrid 7 -Production 2012
F04 – 7 Series Sedan – ActiveH ybrid 7 – Production 2009-2012
F07 – 5 Series Gran Turismo – Production 2009
F10H – 5 Series Sedan – Active Hybrid 5 – Production 2012
F30H – 3 Series Sedan – ActiveH ybrid 3 – Production 2012

Turbo Decoder HU100R – BMW F Series is a professional tool for emergency opening and locksmith service

It’s lock profile is HU100R / Silca code /. No tester key is provided with this version / ADVANCED / because the tool itself can discover the lock orientation. The locksmith must learn the opening procedure well before using the tool for real car opening. It is important to clean the lock with spray like WD40 to remove any dirt, dust or old grease! As a result of the successful opening the operator / locksmith can decode the lock and cut a working mechanical key.

The kit includes:

– One Turbodecoder

– Two set up tools with calibrated point dimension for precise resetting the sliding pins. Please DO NOT USE THE RESET DEVICES FOR OTHER TURBO DECODER MODELS! In this way you would avoid damaging your tool!

– Chart to write down the codes discovered after the manipulation. Those codes are necessary to cut a working mechanical key.

If you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to contact us.

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Turbodecoder BMW F SERIES HU100R KEY PROFILE TOOL elements:

explore turbo decoder bmw hu100r locksmith tool

  • key profile – tool dedicated to opening and decoding door and ignition locks of the BMW F series cars.
  • sliding pins – they open, they give you the lock code!
  • pin bar – used for inserting the Turbodecoder in and extracting it out of the lock
  • tension wheel – to apply tension during the opening procedure
  • pin bar activator – this wheel activates the movement of the pin bars in order to insert and extract the tool
  • turbo wheel – when rotated to the left the pin holders move up and the pins slide according to the lock code

Before proceeding with the opening procedure please:

  • clean the lock with WD40 to remove all the dirt that can block the movement of the discs / wafers /
  • ensure that you have to deal with the HU100R lock profile key way! THE TOOL CAN’T BE INSERTED IN HU92 LOCKS!!!
  • ensure that the lock is ORIGINAL and not replica made in China! Ask the vehicle owner if the lock has been changed in the past.

Lock orientation :

Opening instructions for Turbo Decoder HU100R

To insert the tool please hold it on the ring of the pin activator wheel. Your turbo wheel must be rotated all to the right!

Fit the decoder all the way into the lock. Now pull back only the pin activator wheel. When this is done you will see stop sectors 3 2 1 . Now apply LEFT tension rotating force on the tension wheel and keep it. Rotate the turbo wheel to the left till its line comes to the first stop sector. Stop your rotation and go all the way to the right. Release the rotation tension. Rotate the turbo wheel to the right and then rotate the pump wheel again to stop point 1. Turn it back and release the tension. Repeat this 20 times with left and right tension direction and keep stopping at the 1st sector.

see how to use turbodecoder hu100r locksmith instrument

If after your 20 pumps the lock is not opened, increase the turbo wheel rotation till its line points number 2. Again – left tension, rotate the pump wheel to stop point 2, go back to the right then release the tension. Then apply right tension and stop at sector 2. Repeat 20 more times.

see how to use turbodecoder hu100r locksmith instrument 2

If you do this 20 times and the lock is still locked, go to stop point 3 for 10 more pumps and then the lock should be opened!


turbodecoder bmw f series guide

If your objective was to open the lock – you are ready! But if you want to decode the lock, there are a few more steps to do:

turn the lock to any direction, no matter left or right, but keep it in rotation and do one pump to stop point 3 / the last on the left /. Jiggle the tool by following the plane of your key blade. The discs transfer their precise code to the sliding Turbodecoder pins. Now extract the tool from the lock. Attention – extraction is important so please follow the steps:

  • turn the lock in neutral position
  • rotate the turbo wheel all to the left
  • push forward the pin activator wheel and ensure that it is pushed all the way
  • then and only then extract the turbo decoder from the lock!

How to read the lock code:

Once the tool is out of the lock pull the pin activator wheel so you can see the pins, rotate the turbo wheel to stop point 3 and only then you can start the code reading.

This lock has 8 discs. Each disc can have cut 1, 2, 3 or 4. The first pin is the one closest to the tension wheel. Write its code. The second pin is on the other side of your tool – write its code down, then continue till the last pin. For reference please take a look at the next photo: the code on which is 13242123. To cut a mechanical key insert these numbers in your CNC locksmith cutting machine.

This lock code is : 11223311

To reset your pins for the next lock opening:

  • rotate the turbo wheel to stop point 1, pull back the pin activators so that your pins become visible.
  • use HU100R engraved resetting tool. Inject it under the pin as shown on the photo.
  • Press the pin till it stops. That’s it.
  • Repeat the same with all pins and please keep your finger under the key blade to avoid bending while pushing the pin.

Remember  – the pins slide easily so you do not need to apply strong pushing!

reset turbodecoder bmw F serie


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4.4/5 (30 Reviews)
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