Turbo Puller Basic – Home Locks Extraction


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Turbo Puller Basic for home locks extractions
Turbo Puller Basic – Home Locks Extraction


Turbo Puller Basic – Home Locks Extraction

Turbo Puller Basic is a power locksmith tool for extracting lock rotors. Thanks to its special hardened screw and its main extracting mechanism the tool gives a professional result.

We offer special screws of two different diameter sizes to screw them in different lock key way holes.

The tool comes with three hard plates which have three rotor diameter holes. So, if you wish to pull the lock rotor, please choose the plate with the correct hole. If you wish to brake the lock cylinder, do not use the hard rotor plate. The cylinder will brake in 2 parts. Remove the external part and unlock the door with a screwdriver. Beware – some locks are protected and once you brake the cylinder and remove it the lock goes in protection mode and you will have to drill it in order to unlock. That’s why we suggest you to use the rotor hard plate and to only pull the rotor from the lock.

Strong reinforced lock extractor.

Often the turbo puller BASIC is the only effective device for a time saving emergency opening. It is especially useful in case of multiple bolt locks and half cylinders (cylinders that contain 1 plug and can only be opened from one side of the door). We find such locks on for example glass-doors, garage-doors, alarm systems and shades. As the device works with a single and centrally oriented pulling mechanism there do not exist sideward powers during the actual pulling. This avoids the tilting or breaking of the special pull screws.

This special tool, developed for locksmiths and governmental agencies, allows the easy and efficient removal of any type of (profile, round and oval) cylinder locks. The turbo puller allows fast opening of doors without damaging the door or the door guard. Using the plug extractor plates for the pulling of plugs, it is also possible to only remove the plug itself from the cylinder, allowing quick and easy access to the locking mechanism.

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