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VAG CLIP UDS Key Learning


VAG CLIP UDS key programmer supports the Immo IV (non MQB) VW / Seat / Skoda cars with UDS dashboard (2008-2012) produced by VDO.

Key-learning procedure with VAG CLIP UDS key programmer:

The switches on the device are for self test only. They are not used during the key-learning procedure. So SW1 till SW8 should be OFF, SW9 and SW10 should be ON (as they are cut and should never be touched).

First give ignition ON with a brand new key / transponder.
Then connect the device to the OBDII.
The LED begins to flash green, indicating that you should connect the clip to the 24C32 or 24C64 EEPROM.
Dismount the dashboard and connect the clip.
After connecting the clip, the LED becomes constantly red for the duration of the EEPROM read / write operation. For 24C32 this duration is about 1 sec, and for 24C64 it is about 3,5-4 sec.
Do not disconnect the clip while the LED is RED. If the EEPROM is 24C64 this can damage the car.
When the EEPROM operation finishes, the LED becomes constantly green. This means you have to connect the dashboard to the car.
Do not remove the device from the OBDII at that moment. If the EEPROM is 24C64 this can damage the car.

When the dashboard is connected, the device will start working and the LED will be blinking intensively.
Several seconds (3-4 for 24C32 and 18-20 for 24C64) later the device should be ready. Slowly flashing green LED will indicate this.
In order to be able to restore the car we recommend reading the dashboard EEPROM with a programmer. After that you can start working on the car.

If there is a connection between the device and the OBDII and the LED is constantly green, then the process has not finished yet. We recommend finishing it with the last used dashboard. If it is not possible, by any reason, to complete the key-learning procedure, you have to reset the device. Turn SW1, SW3, SW5 and SW7 to ON, and SW2, SW4, SW6 and SW8 to OFF. Then the key-learning procedure will start again.

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