Pump Lock Decoders – Mottura – all known generations,  Potent – all dimensions and CR – all known dimensions!

Pump lock decoders – Full kit for unlocking and decoding Italian front pump locks as Mottura 1st , 2nd and 3rd  generations Potent  and CR all known cylinder dimensions.

These locks use a front cut key with 6 pins or plates. The destructive opening of front pump locks is always very difficult because of the anti-drill plates. The picking usually blocks them because of the dead pins. The only intelligent way to open them is the automatic self impressioning method we offer.

The Pump locks use a key cut on the front that triggers a multi-point locking lever system. The locks are very well protected against burglary and force manipulation, making them preferable for customers. However, if the key has been lost, an unlocking problem occurs. In many cases, locksmiths apply the so-called Force opening methods, which inevitably make the service more expensive because of the heavy repair and replacement of the locking devices.

Thanks to our effective tools, the unlocking procedure DOES NOT destroy either the lock or the door, which ultimately affects the cost of the service. After completing the procedure, the locksmith can make a mechanical key duplication for the lock, which in return increases the professional level of service in a purely professional manner.

With our pick / decoders the unlocking procedure is fast and easy.

pump lock picking, open and decode locksmuth tools

In our full kit version we offer :

  • decoding head for the fixed pin of Mottura 1 generation.
  • decoding head for unlocking that lock version
  • decoder and unlocking tool for Mottura 2 generation
  • decoder and set up variable key to transfer all codes and unlock with no obligation to cut a mechanical key
  • opening and decoding head for Potent locks
  • spare pins
  • device for visual inspections
  • Mottura 1 generation fixed pins
  • pin calibration pliers
  • pin cutting pliers
  • transport box to carry and protect the locksmith equipment.
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