Pump locks decoders – Mottura, all known generations and Potent all dimensions


Pump locks decoders – Full kit for unlock and decoding Italian front pump locks as Mottura 1 , 2 and 3  generations and Potent all known cyllinder dimensions.


Those locks use a front cutted keywith 6 pins or plates. The destructive opening of front pump locks is allways verry difficult ecouse of the anti drill plates. The picking usualy block them becouse of the dead pins. The only inteligent way to open them is the automatic self impressioning method we offer.

The Pump locks use a key cut on the front that triggers a multi-point locking lever system. Locks are very well protected against burglary and force manipulation, making them preferable for customers. However, if the key has been lost, an unlocking problem occurs. In many cases, locksmiths apply the so-called Force opening methods, which inevitably make the service more expensive because of the heavy repair and replacement of locking devices.

Thanks to our effective prodecoder tools, the unlocking procedure DOES NOT destroy either the lock or the door, which ultimately affects the cost of the service. After completion of the procedure, the locksmith can make a mechanical key duplication of the lock, which in turn increases the professional level of service in a purely professional manner.

With our pick / decoders the procedure of the unlocking is fast and easy.

pump lock picking, open and decode locksmuth tools

In our full kit version we offer :

  • decode head for the fixed pin of Mottura 1 generation.
  • decoding head for unlock that lock version
  • decoder and unlocking tool for Mottura 2 generation
  • decoder and set up variable key to transfer all codes and unlock with no obligation to cut a mechanical key
  • open and decoder head for Potent brand locks
  • Spare pins
  • visual inspectioning device
  • Mottura 1 generation fixed pins
  • Pin calibration wises
  • pin cutting wises
  • Transport box for carry and protect the locksmith equipment.

Mottura 3 generation  decoder

mottura pick decoder for last generation locks

NEW – Advanced locksmith decoder for discover the lock code of Mottura 3 th genertion locks.

This tool come with set up variable key where the operator can set the code discovered with the code reader. When the locksmith procedure is complete the opertor will have an working key in hus hands. With it he can unlock and lock the system as many times is necessary. Reproduction of one working mechanical key is very easy with no disasembling the lock.

Note that the set up key can be used for Mottura 1 and Mottura 2 generations! Its special profile can be fitted in all Mottura front pump locks profiles.

Mottura 2 generation  decoder

mottura decoder for pump locks second generation DD

Single DECODER and OPEN head for MOTTURA 2 generation locks. This locksmith tool can open the lock with no dammage in 20-30 seconds. A key can be made from the code readed so no necessity to dismount the lock to exam it.

The use of this device require the UNIVERSAL pump lock handle. That handle give the precision during the opening procedure and thanks to it the unlocking is so easy and fast..


MOTTURA 3 genertion locks use several deffenders against this tool and those locks easy broke our device. We suggest you to discover the lock generation and to choose the correct decoder head!

Demo and manual video how to use Mottura 2 front pump lock opening tool

Mottura 1 generation  decoder

mottura fixed pin decoder for first generation FP

Mottura 1 st generation fixed pin finder.

Before to mount the opening head you have to discover the code of the fixed pin! With this device we give you the option to do that almost instantly. We supply you with 3 fixed pins to mount them on the opening head / DH /  and to continue with the manipolation. Please do not use the opening head with out fixed pin examed and inserted – the lock will not open … never!

decoder and pick tools for mottura pump lokcs DH

Special open and decoding self impression locksmith tool made for open Italian front pump locks Mottura 1 st generation.

When you discover the dimension of the fixed pin with / FP / head please mount it on this head to continue the procedure.
This tool is our Luckylocks invention made for offer you an fast and easy open with no damages of the lock. Once the lock is open the locksmith can read the locks code an make an mechanical key.

Potent Pump locks decoders

potent pump lock pick and decoding tool PD

Potent front pump italian lock. It has 6 pins and 1 security pin. The security pin is made to protect the lock from ordinary pick locksmith manipulation – one the lock is picked and turned – the security pin pop up and the lock stop rotating. Then the rotation is almost impossible ! Thanks do OUR method we can easy by pass the security pin and make full turn of the lock easy and fast. This is the only intelligent way to unlock with no damage those POTENT locks ! The procedure as you can see on the video use one construction error to make all bottom pins with same dimension and when out goes to the bottom of the lock its actual code stay impressed our decoding head. The other great option on our automatic decoder is that after the procedure is done the operator can DECODE the lock and CUT one working mechanical key! The idea behind this tool is so smart that many tool makers start cloning it 🙂 Good Luck by Lucky Locks !

Universal locksmith handle for use with our Front pump locks decoders

mottura opening tools - universla handle To be used with FP, DH, DD and PD heads

. On this handle you can unsert decoding / opening heads for:

  • mottura 1 st generation
  • mottra 2 nd generation
  • potent
  • UPCOMING iseo decoding head
  • UPCOMING CR deoding head

The handle has option to adjust the head position in order to obtain one clear and smooth opening procedure! If you buy separate decoder we suggest strongly to get also the universal handle! 

note that the price of the decoding heads do not incluse the handle!