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Turbodecoder Team

Professional training classes for locksmiths by Luckylocks team

Welcome to our Training classes for locksmiths – Luckylocks educational center. In our facility we teach how to use our locksmith equipment for better professional results. Any lock opening device requires a specific training and knowledge. We teach the best practices connected with the unlocking in an emergency.

As manufacturers and inventors we can give you the best locksmith solutions. Try our products: Turbodecoder, Double bit lock decoders, Luckydecoders TD, Pump lock decoders, Gerda unlocking devices and many others. For more details, please, contact us directly by e-mail : [email protected]

Daniel Atanasov company manager

Luckylocks Professional Turbodecoder course includes:
full day of theory and practice with the whole range of our vehicle opening tools as Turbodecoders and Ecodecoders.

VAG vehicles – Turbo-decoders HU66

BMW E series – Turbo-decoder HU92

Opel / Chevrolet – Turbo-decoder HU100

Mercedes Benz – Turbo-decoder HU 64

BMW F series – Turbodecoder HU100r

Ford, Range Rover, Land Rover Jaguar and Volvo – HU101

Fiat, Alfa-Romeo, Lancia, Iveco – Turbodecoder SIP22

Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat – Turbodecoder HU83

Toyota, Lexus – TOY48 4 track

DAF trucks – Turbodecoder DAF

Double bit class – learn how to use all of our tool systems – DM, CLASSIC, MK and Ultimate Luckydecoder TD. Through this course you can find out which model is appropriate for your locksmith work!

Pump Locks training classes for locksmiths – a complete class on how to use our PUMP LOCK DECODERS.

Models covered – Mottura 1, 2, 3 generations and Potent.

Gerda Tytan Training classes for locksmiths –  you will become familiar with all the methods of opening Gerda Tytan lock models!

Abloy Protec & Abloy Novel – high security locks – opening and decoding procedures.

FORCE power locksmith tools – how to use them.

AUTOMOBILE KEY LEARNING and STAND ALONE DEVICES – very useful information and practices how to use them.

Due to the nature of the courses, please request your participation in advance!

If the quota is full, we will offer another dates.

The courses are conducted by the producer himself – Daniel Atanasov, in English, Italian, Russian languages.

If you prefer another language, please let us know.

Dates to subscribe: up to the tenth day of the month.

Luckylocks training classes date – every last Sunday of the month.

Participants are not obliged to buy any products!

 Lector  – Daniel Atanasov /English, Russian, Italian language/. If you need other language we will provide translation service.

In our Luckylocks training classes you will learn how to use correctly all Turbodecoders to successfully open vehicle locks! We will show you different techniques for lock manipulating and decoding.

Luckylocks UK -locksmith solutions


Turbo decoder Discount 4 tools pack
Luckylocks - Luckydecoder italia


On this full day class you will learn how to use the ORIGINAL TURBODECODER ® – Professional automotive opening tools. Additionaly we will show you how to read the lock code so you will be able to cut mechanical car key!

all those car brands are covered by our turbo decoder locksmith opening tools

Luckylocks UK -locksmith solutions

double bit lock opening training classes

Mottura Double bit lock decoders
Luckylocks - Luckydecoder italia

corsi di formazione per aperture di serrature a doppia mappa

training class for open double bit locks

Decoder DM version for fast opening of double bit locks training class

Luckydecoder – advanced locksmith tools class


Classic double bit lock opening tools – training classes.

Double bit locks are very common in Europe and Russia. Leading brands are MOTTURA, ATRA, CIZA, SECUREMME, FIAM, POTENT and many others. There are over 200 models known with different modifications such as plate counts, key sizes, protection levels, etc.
With our tools, you will be able to easily open those locks when no key is presented. On our course we will introduce you to the features of the main brands of locks and the ways of manipulation with our professional locksmith tools and decoders.

Luckylocks Team

Luckylocks UK -locksmith solutions

abloy protec class how to open it

abloy locks opened by luckylocks kit
Luckylocks - Luckydecoder italia

corsi di apertura cilindri abloy protec

The only known method of decoding and unlocking secret cylinders known for their high-end security. We will introduce you in detailс about their construction and how to unlock them!

Luckylocks UK -locksmith solutions

gerda opening - full training class

gerda lock pick decoder instrument
Luckylocks - Luckydecoder italia

gerda apertura - corso con detagli

Gerda professional FULL KIT by Luckylokcs

Оn this course we will introduce you in detail with the special features of the GERDA TYTAN locks. We’ll teach you to decode the lock and make an opening key

Luckylocks UK -locksmith solutions

italian pump lock opening class

Mottura front pump lock
Luckylocks - Luckydecoder italia

classe per manipolazione e decodifica di serrature a pompa

pump lock decoders - picking, opening and decoding locksmith tools

Course for professional unlocking the basic models of locks type  MOTTURA1 2 3 as well as POTENT all known modifications.

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