Is my Turbodecoder original?

If you see the following – yes, it is!

Turbo-decoder TOY 48 construction elements:

turbo decoder for toyota and lehus - parts

  • key profile – dedicated to opening and decoding door locks of Toyota and Lexus automobiles. Check the SILCA catalog to see the vehicle models which use TOY48 key
  • sliding pins – they open, they give you the lock code!
  • pin bar – used for inserting the Turbodecoder in and extracting it out of the lock
  • tension wheel – to apply tension during the opening procedure
  • pin bar activator – this wheel activates the movement of the pin bars in order to insert and extract the tool
  • turbo wheel – when rotated to the left the pin holders move up and the pins slide according to the lock code

Before proceeding with the opening procedure please:

  • clean the lock with WD40 to remove any dust or dirt that can block the movement of the discs / wafers /
  • ensure that you have to deal with the TOY48  lock profile keyway and its 4 truck locks because there is also another profile on the new HALF key models!
  • ensure that the lock is original and not replica made in China! Ask the vehicle owner if the lock has been changed in the past.

The lock orientation can be found when you insert the tool in the lock. Your fingers must feel several things ad I will try to explain what I mean…

Opening procedure with Turbodecoder Toy 48

To insert the tool please hold it on the ring of the pin activator wheel. Your pump wheel must be rotated all to the right!

Fit the decoder all the way into the lock. Now pull back only the pin activator wheel. When this is done you will see one line and two ..


Turbo decoder TOY48 Video instructions: