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About us

Lucky Locks AD is established in 2009. Since then the company became a leader in the field of lockpick tools. Our main goal was and still is to develop innovative tools for emergency unlocking, locksmith services, locking systems, for vehicles and homes.

Since our start in 2009 our products completely changed the level of automotive and domestic locksmith services not only in Europe but worldwide. All of our products are subject to patent and trademark protection.

We are excited to share that in 2020 we have managed to achieve a goal, a milestone in the history of our company “LuckyLocks AD”. We are proud to announce that we finished the building of our new factory – 2000 sq. meters in which we intend to continue and expand our goals even further. Our success was built upon the combined efforts of virtue – driven leadership, hard-working staff, and most importantly, of loyal customers who place their trust in our brand and products. A big “Thank you” to everyone Involved

LuckyLocks Work fields

Industrial Zone in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Location

We are located in one of the Industrial zones in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Our building covers all our production needs. We have also covered the training needs of all of our customers that wish to learn additional procedures not only in the auto locksmith operations, but also in the residential locksmithing. We are the biggest European manufacturer of locksmith tools and as such, we aim to be the best in every aspect of this niche business.

Easter Holidays

Orders made after the 30th of April will be completed after the 7th of May

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