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TURBODECODER catalog 2018

Explore our professional locksmith tools, invented and manufactured in our company factory located in Sofia - Bulgaria

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Turbodecoder Professional Locksmith Catalog 2018

– user manuals for all models professional tools , video instructions, step-by-step guide.


Luckydecoder TD Key Control

Automatic tools for professional locksmiths to open modern double bit door locks

Come usare grimaldelli Luckydecoder TD per aperture di serrature a doppia mappa

Double bit lever lock professional tools DM version. Catalog and User guides.

Grimaldelli professionali per Doppia Mappa versione DM

Grimaldello Bulgaro versione classica – la soluzione piu amata dei professionalisti nel settore di apriporte

Electronic key learning devices and fast stand-alone vahicle start modules

Remote control code grabbers

Cars, car alarms, garage automatic doors remote signal simulators

Abloy Protec Decoder for professional unlocking of all 3 master profiles plus any known individual profile. Invented by Luckylocks company

Italian front pump door locks Mottura, Potent opening and decoding with professional locksmith instruments

Gerda Tytan locks decoder for unlocking all Tytan ZX series door locks

Power locksmith tools for destructive force door home / car locks for openings

Discover our Turbo decoder car professional locksmith tools discount prices

Turbodecoder ECO – cheap decoder version for unlocking vehicles and reading the lock code to cut a mechanical key



Reserved locksmith tools and decoders

Premiere – horizontal door locks Turbodecoder

video user manuals & instructions

Professional Locksmith catalog of mechanical unlocking tools, devices and decoders, as well as electronic key learning modules and fast engine start components. Select the category you are interested in to learn more about our locksmith products, some of which are certified and patented. Our company manufacture and offer special unlocking devices designed for government agencies. These tools are not available on the open market.

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