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Tool invented by LuckyLocks back in 2010

Turbo Decoder by LuckLocks – original products made in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Open the locks and read the code.Do not lose time in your job

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LuckyLocks AD is the inventor of the tool


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turbodecoder MAN TRUCK

Turbo Decoder is a synonym of a locksmith tool that enables rapid, damage-free opening of car lock cylinders, without a great deal of locksmith experience. By controlled motions of the tool the lock wafers are moved into an “open position” and the lock is unlocked in no time.

The prototype of Turbo decoder is invented and presented on the market back in 2010 by LuckyLocks. In the beginning only three models were available – HU66 GEN 1, HU66 GEN 2/6 and HU92. LuckyLocks is the company inventor and even though there are cheaper versions, including Chinese ones, it is still a leader on the market.

We offer top notch locksmith tools made from high quality stainless steel. The production process in handled entirely at our own facility in Sofia, Bulgaria (European Union). We are also one of the biggest CNC machinery owners in Europe, which enables hundreds of possibilities. We perform tests constantly so that we can provide flawless experience to our customers all around the world.

Turbo Decoder is made for emergency opening in any weather conditions. Along the opening, the tool offers clean reading of the mechanical combination (except for the models HY22, TOY48 and VA2).

This tool is our revolutionary begging in the numerous creations of various lockpick tools.


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