Pump decoder


״Pump locks are no more a challenge for me״

Tool invented by LuckyLocks back in 2019

Pump Lock Decoders by LuckLocks – original products made in Sofia, Bulgaria

Fast Opening

Open the locks and read the code.Do not lose time in your job

Original Product

LuckyLocks AD is the inventor of the tool


As inventors we always provide useful information, tips and tricks for faster openings

Spare Parts

We keep in stock all spare parts, so the support is always guranteed

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Pump lock decoder

Pump decoders that are specially designed for the pump locks which are mounted on doors all across Europe. We have developed several different series of pump lock decoders which are based on a different principal based on the lock. We always search for the easiest way and almost every time it is based on self-impressioning.

All those opening methods are patented.

These lockpick tools work in a non- disruptive way. Every tool can be used on a specific lock or on locks with similar dimensions.

The tools work with NO FORCE. Our opening processes manage the pins in a perfect traction movement so that you can successfully recreate the shape of the key.

Easter Holidays

Orders made after the 30th of April will be completed after the 7th of May

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