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Tool patented by LuckyLocks in 2016

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Lucky decoder is specially designed for the security high level double bit locks (doppia mappa ) like Mottura Antideco Due, Securemme Securmap and many other locks. It consists of one, two or more cassettes in which are installed separate pins. The cassettes are connected to the back wheel and when you start the pumping (the movement on the back wheel) the cassettes move accordingly. This new patented method is the only possible way to overcome the anti-picking of the high security double bit lever locks.

This locksmith tool series is the most innovative and the only possible way to overcome Double Bit Locks lever locks with strong anti picking (Doppia mappa serrature). The double bit locks are very common in Europe but also in South America.

These lockpick tools work in a non- disruptive way. Every tool can be used on a specific lock or on locks with similar dimensions. The importance of the dimension of the insides of the locks (the size of the original key) is the most important thing. Meaning – the count of the levers, the distance between the levers is a must to know before using any lockpick tool. Lucky decoders makes no difference. There is no such thing as “one tool to open EVERY lock”. The operator must know Double Bit Lock he tries to open. Hence some knowledge is required.

These lockpick tools work with NO FORCE. You apply medium amount of tension on the tension wheel and turn the pumping wheel. This process manages the pins in a perfect traction movement so that you can successfully recreate the shape of the key.

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