DM decoder

Tool invented by LuckyLocks back in 2016

DM Decoder by LuckLocks – original products made in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Manipulate the movement of the pins. Long lasting product

Original Product

LuckyLocks AD is the inventor of the tool


As inventors we always provide useful information, tips and tricks for faster openings

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DM decoder package

DM decoder is an absolute must for every professional locksmith that wants to get the job done in no time. This locksmith tool series is the most exiting thing you can use on Double Bit Locks (Doppia mappa serrature). The tools work ONLY on locks with NO ANTI PICK cuts which is an important condition which must be considered. For locks with anti pick cuts we offer LuckyDecoders. This series keeps on growing constantly and is now quite big. The double bit locks are very common in Europe but also in South America.

These lockpick tools work in a non- disruptive way. Every tool can be used on a specific lock or on locks with similar dimensions. The importance of the dimension of the insides of the locks (the size of the original key) is the most important thing. Meaning – the count of the levers, the distance between the levers is a must to know before using any lockpick tool.DM decoder makes no difference. There is no such as “one tool open EVERY lock”. The operator must know Double Bit Lock he tries to open. Hence some knowledge is required.

These lockpick tools work with NO FORCE. The idea here is to fix the pins in a perfect traction movement so that you can successfully recreate the shape of the key. The difference between the standard Magic Key and the DM decoder is this – you can easily manipulate how the pins move. And this happens from the back of the tool.

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