Multilock 7×7 Topolino decoder

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Multilock 7x7 Decoder Topolino

The kit includes

Manual Self-impressioning decoder TOPOLINO that can open and decode Multilock 7×7 lock.

Important: this tool if not to be used on different cylinder lock, only Multilock 7×7 as shown in the videos


1. The first step is to locate the steel WHITE pin (as shown in the video). You push it oppositely to the reset position of the pins. Only after that the opening can begin! Without pushing the white pin, the chance of opening is very small!

2. Insert the tool. Slide back the sliding button. After that slightly pull out the tool, so that it falls into the correct position!


Since this Topolino decoder has a design meant for the cylinder Multilock 7×7 lock , its structure is build accordingly. The pick consists of blade with 7 pins with a specific structure (please watch the video). Those pins are arranged in a certain order that corresponds to the lock it is made for. The tool is tightened with bolts, do not tighten them or manipulate them in any way! This will destroy the opening capabilities of the tools

Insert the blade of the Topolino into the Reset Cap , the two arrows must match their position (watch the video). Slide back the Slider. Reset with the Reset hex key ALL 7 pins (push them all the way in). Slide to the front the slider. The decoder is ready to be used.

multilock 7x7 decoder
multilock 7x7 decoder

There is no such thing as “one tool to open EVERY lock”. Hence, universal tool cannot exist with this types of tools! The operator must know the cylinder lock he tries to open. Hence some locksmith knowledge is required.

These lockpick tools work with NO FORCE. You apply medium amount of tension. The tool will position each of the pins of the Cylinder Lock to a specific height. This happens until it “assumes” the position corresponding to that of the original key. In this way the profile of the key is obtained.  At this point you have a complete double bit profile able to open and close the lock exactly like the original key. 

Shipping and Handling

Every Topolino Decoder we ship has a Unique Serial Number and a description of the lock model made for. We ship with DHL Express all around the world (not applicable for Russia and Ukraine) and we provide the tracking number. If you need any further information or if you have after sales queries we remain at your disposal. Contact us directly by WhatsApp or email at [email protected]

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MultiLock 7x7

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