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Spare VIPER Screws for Power Locksmith Tools


Here are some convincing advantages of the new VIPER self-tapping extraction-screws:

Very powerful!
-High tensile strength and breaking load, combined with a high degree of torsion

No pre-drilling required! (self-tapping)
– It screws into the cylinder efficiently, thanks to a newly-developed drill-bit-tip and the DELTA SEAL® anti-friction coating

Optimized thread geometry and screw length!
– Maximum retention force in each cylinder profile

One-handed screw-in without a ScrewFix bit adapter!
– Whether by hand or cordless electric screwdriver, via its patented SIT® 20-bit drive (fully downward compatible with TORX20)

DELTA SEAL® High-tech colour anti-friction coating!
– The anti-friction coating supports easy screw-in action
– An individual colour scheme for each screw size
– Corrosion protection

VIPER screws have an impression stamped into the screw-head!

Latest technology — Made in Germany!
– We guarantee the highest quality

Available sizes:
4.2 x 47 mm Colour: DELTA SEAL® Green
4.8 x 47 mm Colour: DELTA SEAL® Red
5.5 x 47 mm Colour: DELTA SEAL® Dark blue

Available in pack sizes of 10 and 50 pieces.

Each packaging unit comes with a free SIT20 quality bit.


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Additional information

Weight 0,060 kg
Viper Models

4,2 mm, 4,8 mm, 5,5 mm

Screws for Power Locksmith Tools – VIPER

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