Turbodecoder HU92 Tester Key


Turbodecoder HU92 Tester Key

Turbodecoder HU92 Tester Key. HU92 locks usually have right side orientation but we have also discovered left orientated ones. For this reason we supply a TESTER KEY to check the lock, its mechanical status and its orientation.

Insert the tester key – it will enter smoothly and when it goes all the way in, please look at its METAL PART RED POINT. If the red point touches the lock face, your tester key is inserted correctly. NOW look at the direction of the red plastic head point. It might be right or left. This is the lock orientation and you need to remember it.

If the metal part red point stays away from the lock face when the tester is fully into the lock, then it gives no information. In this case just extract it, reverse it and insert it again.

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Turbodecoder HU92 Tester Key

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